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February 17, 2021

Why We Serve up The Freshest Food in Kampot


Southeast Asia is rightly renowned as the best destination in the world for spectacularly fresh food. But no-one in the region uses fresh, local ingredients quite like we do at Arvi, our luxury restaurant.

Our Executive Chef is a native Cambodian with extensive fine dining experience, and he crafts delicately flavored dishes from hyper-local ingredients. He and his team conjure up classic Cambodian specialities along with fantastic fusion food.

From flavorsome curries to delicate soups to some of the best fish dishes in the world, our luxury 5-star Kampot resort offers the tastiest, freshest stuff in the whole of Kampot. No other eatery in the area uses ingredients as varied, fresh and local as ours. Kampot is a town with food at its heart, and it’s famous for many ingredients. Several restaurants in the region work with Kampot’s highly-renowned local salt, pepper and durian, but very few are experimenting with local roselle, vanilla, black ginger and black turmeric.

But we craft delicious and unique stuff with them all. 

“Several restaurants in the region work with Kampot’s highly-renowned local salt, pepper and durian, but very few are experimenting with local roselle, vanilla, black ginger and black turmeric. ”

Here’s a brief introduction to each one:

Kampot durian

Famously stinky, durian is strongly associated with Kampot, as the town produces the best-tasting durian in the nation. There’s even a giant durian statue right in the middle of Kampot (seriously).

Tasty Durian at Kampot, Cambodia



Kampot roselle

Spicy, sour and fruity, roselle is massively unique and unusual, and adds great delicate flavor to salads and soups. No-one uses it like us.

Kampot Roselle



Kampot vanilla

Everyone’s favorite ice cream ingredient, Kampot produces some of the freshest vanilla in the world – and we’re doing lots of experimental stuff with it.

Kampot Vanilla



Kampot ginger

Ginger is used throughout Southeast Asia for a variety of dishes. But until you’ve tasted Kampot ginger in Kampot, you haven’t tasted ginger.

Kampot ginger



Kampot turmeric

Lots of people think that turmeric is tasteless. But that’s because they’ve never eaten fresh turmeric in our restaurant.

Kampot Turmeric



Kampot salt

With a location right on the sea, Kampot produces some of the tastiest salt in the world. When you eat Kampot salt in our restaurant, you’re getting it at its freshest.

Kampot Salt



Kampot pepper

Considered by some to be the best pepper in the world, Kampot pepper is fragrant, floral and spicy, with punchy citrus tones. And the pepper we use is some of Kampot’s best.

Kampot Pepper



We’re the first and only restaurant in Kampot to work with all of these ingredients, making our food hugely unique, hugely fresh, and hugely supportive of the local economy and its people. If you want to taste authentic local cuisine with authentic local ingredients, come to Arvi. We’re always open to guests from anywhere in Kampot, whether they’re staying in our luxury resort or elsewhere. After a long day of sightseeing, our Kampot restaurant is the perfect place to enjoy exquisite food in an exquisite setting. We don’t just offer fresh local food, we also offer incredible style and class. 

Arvi Restaurant at Amber Kampot

If you’re looking for a particularly romantic experience, you can also book to dine privately on our secluded and secretive pier. It’s one of the most charming and unique experiences that Kampot has to offer, and it’s perfect if you’re honeymooning or traveling with your partner. We’re the town’s best luxury restaurant, and we offer the freshest, most local ingredients in the area. 

We’re Arvi, and we offer the best 5-star dining in Kampot.