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Kampot is a treasure trove of hidden adventures and natural wonders. From National Parks to river rides and mountain treks, kayaking and cycling, there are a myriad gems to discover. Dip your toe into Kampot’s cuisine with a trip to its bustling markets that reflect its fascinating history, and take a trip to nearby pepper plantations and salt fields to discover why Kampot is the up-and-coming destination of Cambodia.

Local activities

Discover the charm, history, and beauty of Kampot through local activities. Whether you are a thrill seeker looking for some water activities like paddle boarding or kayaking, or a lover of history who wants to get to know Kampot’s colonial history and blend of French and Chinese origin, or perhaps something of a foodie who wants to sample the cuisine and visit local bustling markets for a peer into Kampot’s gastronomy, we have it all on offer. Surrounding all activities is the quaint charm, lush greenery and vegetation, and misty mountains that makes Kampot the intriguing town that is seeing a surge in international popularity.

National Parks

Kampot is in a prime location for exploring some of Cambodia’s most incredible National Parks. Hikers can explore the trails of the small yet charming Kep National Park and immerse themselves in the surrounding jungle and view of the nearby ocean, then head on down to Kep Beach at the base of the park. For those looking for larger and more diverse jungles, Ream National Park boasts hundreds of species of unique and endangered plants and animals among its lush vegetation, and its shorelines provide the ultimate escape for a leisurely swim or water sport activity. Closest to Kampot is the vast Bokor National Park, a mountainous area best navigated by vehicle to fully explore its abandoned ruins, dense rainforest, cascading waterfalls, and wildlife among the likes of Asiatic black bears and pig-tailed macaques.

Local food

Cambodian food is a unique blend of Asian cuisines such as Chinese and Thai, with a strong French influence all tied together with Cambodian ingredients. Kampot is a riverside town, and locals like to make use of their access with a large array of seafood on their menus, as well as chicken and vegetarian dishes. At Amber Kampot, you can sample locally-grown, fresh, and delicious ingredients in Cambodian dishes that include creamy curries, spicy noodles, hearty meats, and crisp vegetables.

Outdoor activities

For nature lovers and adventurers, Kampot is a hub of outdoor activity. Take a direct shuttle boat straight into town or hop one of our complimentary bikes and slowly wind your way through the streets of local villages to uncover the intricate history of Cambodia’s French colonization, evident in its pastel-colored buildings with colonial architecture.

Float down the river by boat, paddleboard, or kayak, surrounded by abundant greenery and a backdrop of the Elephant Mountains, or take a cruise at sunset to see the sun set behind the Bokor Mountains and the night sky become a twinkling display of fireflies.


Cambodia has a rich and diverse history and culture, majorly influenced by its colonization and religion. This can be seen in its French colonial architecture, fusion cuisine, and everyday life. The majority of Cambodia’s people are Khmer and practice Buddhism, and are said to be among the friendliest and most peaceful people in the world.



Take one of our complimentary bicycles and explore the area yourself, book and exclusive tour at our front desk, or hop on our complimentary shuttle boat straight into the heart of Kampot town.

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