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February 17, 2021

8 Foods to Try in Kampot

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One of the most interesting things about Kampot is its intricate history, which can be seen nowhere as prominently than in its local cuisine. Food in Kampot is an experience within itself, so we’ve compiled a roundup of the 8 foods to try in Kampot for anyone looking for an introduction to its culinary offerings.



Top of the list is of course Kampot’s most famous product, pepper. It’s more exciting than it sounds, and the locally grown ingredient can be added in unique ways to enhance a dish, like Kampot pepper crab. Take a trip to La Plantation to see first hand how Kampot pepper is grown and harvested, and come away with your own goodie bag of the local gold.



Durian is a fruit you’ve likely never heard of, but is widely famous in Kampot. You may have noticed the landmark Durian roundabout for its distinctive centerpiece in the shape of the famous fruit. Durians have been grown in Kampot for many years, although their heyday was back in the 1940s. It’s very popular in many parts of East Asia, but can be an acquired taste if you’ve never tried it before. Hop on a bike or tuk tuk and head to any nearby durian farm to sample the strange fruit for yourself and enjoy a unique Kampot experience.



As a coastal town, seafood is one of the top foods produced in the area, and you’ll find the shores of the river silhouetted with fishermen early every morning. Head to nearby Kep market and sample some of the freshest catches in the area. In particular Kep crabs are a must-try, especially with some famous Kampot pepper added to it.


French food

Kampot has a history of French colonization, much of which left a large mark on the area, and still lingers in its cuisine. Head to local eateries l’Epi d’Or and La Comptoir to enjoy authentic French cuisine such as croissants and patisseries and cheese and charcuterie, the perfect complement for lazy riverside life.


Food in Kampot is an experience within itself, so we’ve compiled a roundup of the 8 foods to try in Kampot for anyone looking for an introduction to its culinary offerings.

Chinese food

Along with French influence, Kampot has strong ties to Chinese culture, and you’ll find plenty of hearty Chinese food to indulge in during your stay. The Chinese have been living and trading in Kampot for many centuries, so much of their cuisine worked its way into the town. Slurp on thick egg noodles and sample plenty of Chinese pancakes and dumplings at Ecran Noodles, one of the most popular Chinese restaurants in Kampot.

Chinese food at Kampot, Cambodia


Cambodian street food

When it comes to street food, it’s always best to avoid fancy restaurants and head to the most authentic location – the street. Both day and night markets in Kampot provide ample opportunity to peruse the local stalls and sample some of the best, tastiest, and cheapest foods reflective of the country. Dishes such as fish amok, chive cakes, fried egg noodles, and rice porridge are popular staple dishes in Cambodian cuisine and easy to find at most markets.

Street Food at Kampot, Cambodia


Khmer food

Khmer food is a must try in Kampot. Equal parts hearty, spicy, comforting, and healthy, there is something for everyone within Khmer cuisine. From wintry noodle soups like Kuyteav to a portion of Lort Cha stir fried egg noodles for a quick bite, flavor is king when it comes to Cambodian food. For authentic Khmer cuisine from a chef with experience, try Arvi Restaurant and Khmer Root Cafe.

Khmer food at Amber Kampot, Cambodia



Try your hand at Cambodian curries and sample the various flavors of their spicy and creamy broths. While curries aren’t a major part of Khmer cuisine, they are still a popular choice for many people. Enjoy with rice and a side of naan at Kampot Curry House that is great for those traveling on a budget.

Curry at Kampot Curry House