The Ultimate Kampot Shopping Experience | Amber Kampot

February 17, 2021

The Ultimate Kampot Shopping Experience


Small and sleepy though it may seem, the riverside town of Kampot has plenty to see and do for travelers. Among its many surprises and delights is its wealth of shopping options, spanning groceries, street food, clothing, books, and bric-a-brac at almost any time of the day or night. Here’s our ultimate guide to shopping in Kampot.

Kampot Market

Near the Durian roundabout, you’ll find Kampot market. This is a long street made up of small shops, vendors, cafes, grocery stores, and bistros. Head here at any time during the day to take a wander, grab a coffee, grocery shop, or pick up some souvenirs and gifts. Here are some of the popular spots at Kampot Market.


Kepler’s Books

One of the most popular places you’ll find in the Old Market is this beloved book shop, home to hundreds of second hand English language books, as well as souvenirs and gifts.



This small store is a real treat; full of locally and ethically made fashion items, you’d be surprised at what you find in this shop.


Tiny Kampot Pillows

This textile shop does what it says on the tin, among other things. A small but luscious textile shop full of tiny pillows, as well as scarves and other items made from local fabric.

Kampot Pepper Shop

Kampot is known for its pepper, with a large pepper plantation nearby. At this gift shop, you’ll find peppers at very reasonable prices that are ideal for treating yourself or as gifts for others.

Daily Meat

A grocery store stocking Western products, for those traveling long term missing out on those home comforts, particularly cheese. It also has a small selection of local foods, including fresh bread and herbs from nearby farms.

“Small and sleepy though it may seem, the riverside town of Kampot has plenty to see and do for travelers.

Kep crab market

Along the riverfront from Kampot is Kep’s crab market, a popular spot for locals and travelers alike. As a riverside destination, you won’t be disappointed with the array of seafood on offer. Although open all day until late evening, it’s best to go when it opens from 9am, to get the best selection of crabs, lobster, fish, squid and more caught that same morning. It’s the freshest seafood you can get, and you can get a good price and sit and eat it right within the market. An unmissable experience in the area.


Night markets: Kampot and Bokor

Night markets are the place to find cheap and tasty street food, avoid the crowds, and escape the daytime heat. Kampot has two night markets: Kampot night market situated close to the Durian roundabout, and Bokor night market further north along the river. Both markets are popular hangouts after a few rounds of drinks, and can be a great spot to stay and enjoy your street food while taking in the evening activity. As well as cheap eats, you’ll find everything you would at a regular market, including clothing, shoes, and accessories.


Farm Link

Across the river from Bokor night market over New Bridge is Farm Link boutique. This pepper shop has more than just Kampot peppers for sale at a reasonable price, and you can watch the peppers being prepared and hung out to dry as you make your purchase. 


River Mart

You’ll find the 24 hour River Mart between the hospital and the New Bridge, and is a handy place to know about. It has every grocery you might need as well as a cute coffee shop attached for a caffeine boost or a quick email check.